Gravity is a primal force in nature.


Electricity is 1039  times more powerful than gravity...


What role does it play in the universe?


Participate in a scientific paradigm shift

Saturday 7th - Wednesday 11th July.Somerset, UK

International conference and symposium

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Parking in Bath during the Quantocks Symbolisum
Friday 15 June 2018

Hi, just a word of warning to any of you who might be coming on the coach trip on Monday 9th July. If you have a car but are planning on leavi... Read More

Electricity and the Bath Springs
Tuesday 1 May 2018

As you will be aware by now, the first part of the first ever UK Electric Universe Conference is to be held in Bath. We chose this location mainly ... Read More

The Big Bang Theory
Tuesday 6 March 2018

So now it's time for us to get serious and discuss the Big Bang Theory, which as you know is how the universe started billions of years ago when, i... Read More

Prof. Donald Scott confirmed as coming
Thursday 22 February 2018

Today I have some fantastic news for you. I was going to wait until Monday before posting, but am like a little boy with exciting news. I really ca... Read More

Spread the message
Wednesday 21 February 2018

Hi everyone and a big welcome to all the new members of this group who have joined this week. Today I am making an appeal that you help us spre... Read More

The Physics of Jabberwocky
Wednesday 21 February 2018

One of the complaints about post-Einsteinian Physics, which you will hear from Wal Thornhill and other proponents of the Electric Universe paradigm... Read More

Early Bird tickets now on sale
Sunday 11 February 2018

We are delighted to announce that Electric Universe UK Early Bird tickets are now available to buy from Eventbrite. Early Bird tickets... Read More

We look forward to seeing you in the summer.

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