Gravity is a primal force in nature ...


Electricity is billions of times more powerful than gravity ...


Does electricity play a far greater role in the universe than has been
previously acknowledged?


Participate in a scientific paradigm shift

Saturday 7th - Wednesday 11th July. Somerset, UK

International conference and symposium

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The Electric Universe UK is a platform dedicated to exploring the way in which electrical forces shape the universe. Throughout the last 250 years many scientists have studied and contributed to these ideas.


While the electric universe (EU) is a maturing hypothesis, the electric sun (ES) model is currently being tested in a laboratory on Earth. These experiments are inspiring a new generation to engage in the investigation of the role that electricity plays in the cosmos.


We advocate scientific enquiry based on careful observation of the physical world and practical experimentation – empirical science. The UK EU invites you to share in this exploration: students, professors, professionals; anyone with a passion for science can participate.


RECONNECT 2018 - Conference and Symposium

As part of the launch of Electric Universe UK, we are holding the first-ever UK Conference and symposium, Saturday 7th July – Wednesday 11th July 2018. This exciting new 5-day event* (organised by authors Adrian Gilbert and Lucy Wyatt) consists of:

• two-day weekend conference in Bath (7th - 8th July) *

• two-day symposium at a private venue in the Quantocks* (10th-11th July)

• gala dinner in Bath with author Robert Temple as guest speaker (7th July)

• one day of visits to local sites (9th July)*


*NB sales have ended


[THANK YOU to all those who came & made the event such a success. We will post information about video recordings and how to obtain them in a few weeks' time.]



Introductory Videos

General introduction to the Electric Universe UK.

Rupert Sheldrake discusses the electric universe in his presentation Breaking Scientific Taboos to the California Institute of Integral Studies, September 13th, 2015. He will be speaking at our Reconnect 2018 Bath conference on Saturday 7th July. Full schedule here.

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